Personal Financial Advice

Welcome at Mortgage Matters! I, Marianne den Dunnen, have been working as a financial advisor for roughly 25 years. I have worked as mortgage advisor but also as mortgage reviewer. Having worked for the International Clients department of a Dutch bank, I know a lot about the world of expats in the Netherlands.

Are you buying a new home? Or do you want to re-mortgage your property? Thinking of buying investment property?

In all these cases, Mortgage Matters should be your next stop! I can help you with all the financial details involved in these matters.

Before you go to view your dream home, I can tell you how much mortgage you can get based on your salary. That can save you falling for a house you cannot afford, either based on the rules of mortgage lenders or based on how much you want to spend per month.

Once you have found the right property, I can arrange your mortgage for you. I have associations with several mortgage banks, so that I can find the mortgage that suits your individual situation best.

But also if you would like to know whether you can retire early, or wish to invest in commercial real estate, I can assist you.

We can meet at your home or your office, either during daytime, in the evening or on Saturdays. Or at my office in Nootdorp. A part of my service is that the main points of the mortgage offer and also the financial advice will be translated into English for you.

Mortgage Matters advises you about these products:

  • Mortgages
  • Tax advice
  • Investment advice
  • Income protection
  • Financial aspects of divorce

How may I help you?



To give you a good advice, it is important for me to know all about your current financial situation.


Together we shall make a plan to realize your dreams.


I shall lead you to your new financial future in a competent and involved way.


Any questions about the advice or products in the future? Please give me a call! I shall keep in touch by at least yearly newsletters and updates about the products you obtained through my advice.