Your House


Buying a house is an exciting time in your life. Of course you prefer to think about how you will furnish the house and when you can move in, rather than worry about the financial part of this process. I can take away your financial worries and arrange your mortgage for you.

In an orientation meeting I shall explain which actions are necessary to arrange your mortgage, how much the mortgage will roughly cost you per month and how much my fee will be to arrange the mortgage for you. The orientation meeting is free of charge, it is a meeting for you to decide if you wish to use the services that Mortgage Matters can offer you.

Then there is some homework for you: collecting all the necessary documentation. Of course, I will be helping you with this. In our next meeting, I shall present several possibilities for the finance option that suits your situation and together we will choose the best one.

I can arrange the valuation report and technical survey for you. And I will be in touch with the mortgage bank to arrange everything on that side. In the meantime I will also make your mortgage advice: in this document you will see what will happen in case something changes in your financial life, for example after retirement. I will present some possibilities for mitigating any negative outcomes.

Then all you need to do is sign the mortgage offer, and I will make sure the money is at your notary in time to pay for the purchase of your home!